ARGOT 2016 Bastard Tongue Pinot Noir Sonoma County

VINEYARD   A magnificent rendition of Pinot Noir, shone through the lens of Sonoma County’s world-class terroir
PRODUCTION   270 cases
VARIETAL   100% Pinot Noir
CRUSH   Night harvested by hand throughout mid-September, cluster and berry sorted, destemmed, no crushing
FERMENT   7-day cold soaks, followed by native fermentation in open-top bins.  Average time on the skins, 14 days.
AGING   20 months, French oak, 100% new.  Never racked prior to bottling.  Bottled unfined, unfiltered.
NOTES   Since 2011, Bastard Tongue’s primary source has remained Steiner Vineyard’s historical Swan block.  And, while this fruit will always be complemented by a rotating cast of Sonoma County vineyards,  a new mainstay has been added to Bastard Tongue’s puzzle.  We first dabbled with Helgren Vineyard in 2015.  It was immediately apparent how beautifully Helgren complemented the wines from Steiner’s Swan block, and a single barrel was included in the 2015 blend.  In 2016, we took over the farming at Helgren, and went all in. Bastard Tongue’s mother-wine remains consistent, and with the addition of Helgren, her supporting cast has received a significant upgrade.