ARGOT 2019 Bastard Tongue Pinot Noir | Sonoma County

VINEYARD   A selection of barrels displaying the joy of Sonoma County Pinot Noir — that specific balance of opulent fruit, and the variety’s inherent spice and earthen notes. Sonoma’s oldest heritage selection, the Swan Clone, again takes center stage as the major component of 2019’s edition of the cuveé.
PRODUCTION   295 cases
VARIETAL   100% Pinot Noir. Clones: 83% Swan, 17% 115 Clone
CRUSH   A compact harvest of four passes—always by hand; always at night—over the 2 weeks spanning September 30 thru October 11. Once in the winery, the grapes are berry-by-berry hand-sorted, and fully de-stemmed. Moderate crushing is employed to promote a balance of full-extraction and whole-berry fermentation.
FERMENT 7-day cold soaks, followed by native fermentation in open-top tanks.  Average time on the skins, 13 days.
AGING   20 months, French oak, 100% new.  Never racked prior to bottling.  Bottled unfined, unfiltered.
VINTAGE NOTES 2019’s growing season slogged out of the gates amidst a particularly cool and wet winter that kept vineroots reluctant to be roused from their dormancy. In late-May, as clouds relented and Spring finally sprung, the pent-up energy of this slow-start translated into an explosion of growth, with vines soaring skyward and a bountiful crop being set. Moderately warm temperatures persisted through mid-August, when Summer’s heat arrived and a furious push towards the end finally began. After 9 long months of waiting, Argot’s Pinot Noir Harvest came in a flurry, commencing September 26th and concluding a short 16 days later — our most compressed Pinot harvest.
WINEMAKER NOTES With its late start, the 2019 harvest was always destined to be fast and furious. Following 2018’s unprecedentedly late season, we never could have predicted 2019’s Pinot Noir harvest would kickoff even later in September than the previous year. These two vintages however, could not have arrived at more different conclusions. While 2018’s harvest season was a glorious, top-down Sunday drive along the coast; 2019’s harvest was an all-out drag race…deploy the parachute, and all! 2019’s edition of Bastard Tongue arrives in bottle perfectly exemplifying the spirit of its season.