Sparkling Rosé of Grenache | Pixelated

VINEYARD   Sourced from a cool-climate vineyard in Mendocino County, north of Sonoma County.
PRODUCTION   250 cases
VARIETAL   100% Grenache
CRUSH   Hand-harvested at first light in September 2012. Once in the winery, the grapes are whole-cluster pressed to neutral puncheon.
FERMENT   Native fermentation in neutral puncheon.
AGING   8 years en tirage. Disgorged, February 2021. Dosage, 5.5 g/L
VINTAGE NOTES   Harvest began informed by ripeness levels pursued in Champagne. The grapes were direct-pressed, with heads and tails discarded, while the couer was gently transferred to older, large-format French oak casks for primary fermentation. Finally, the cuvee was drawn to tank, then bottled for the prise de mousse stage —”capture the froth”—in Spring of 2013.
WINEMAKER NOTES   Embarking on Pixelated‘s journey was our first foray into sparkling wine production. However, being enormous fans of the genre as consumers, over the years we had done plenty of due diligence in this regard. And, while our appreciation of Methode Champenois knows few bounds, we do tend towards those wines that experience extended time en tirage, and were prepared to wait for this sparkler to develop the otherworldly richness this exercise in patience evokes. Eight long years after conception, Pixelated was finally born.