Pixelated Sparkling Rosé


Please note, Pixelated is being offered in 3-pack format.

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A wine nearly a decade in the making, whose day has finally come! Without further ado...Pixelated.

For those who have been following along since Argot's early days, you may remember our 2010 and 2011 Grenache rosé still wines. The experience of raising those wines led us towards the hunch that Grenache had enormous potential as the basis of a traditional Champagne-styled wine. In our minds the marriage of Grenache's natural kirsch leanings, with the POP! that comes in effervesence's tow, would be magical. With that in mind, off we went...

Harvest began early, with ripeness levels informed by those pursued in the Champagne region of France. The grapes were direct-pressed to older, large-format French oak casks for primary fermentation. The following Spring, the cuvee was assembled and began its prise de mousse—French for "capture the froth" ...fantastic—stage under crown cap in bottle.

Following this flurry of activity, the wine is now left alone to develop en tirage — the period in which a sparkling wine rests in bottle following its secondary fermentation. As our favorite Champagnes all see extended time en tirage, we were prepared to wait for Pixelated to take on that otherworldly richness of flavors and textures that all our favorite Champagnes exhibit. Eight long years after conception, Pixelated was finally disgorged in February of 2021.

Pouring a cool, pink-ish hue reminiscent of Rainer Cherry, the mousse is persistent and needlepoint-fine. Nosing the glass, aromatics of morello Cherry jump to the fore, accented by orange peel and hints of cinnamon. The palate is a jubilation of strawberry and cherry notes, delivered by a poised, elegant touch. Pixelated is a wine that is effortlessly light on its feet, possessing an ease and versatility that makes it as likely to grace your glass as an apéritif, as it is to be paired with food.

Send that cork skyward, raise a glass and toast all the beauty life puts on offer!

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