Argot Wines

Argot \ ˈärgō \ : a shared language associated with tight-knit groups, borne from, and reinforcing said group’s intimacy

Argot is a word of latin origin that, like many concepts unique to a given culture’s language, has an English definition sorely lacking in the idea’s full essence. Argot is a language that develops from intimacy, like-mindedness and mutual respect—family, friends, co-workers, the people we drink wine with…and so on. Each group has its own Argot, unique to its members, that creates a meaningful and lasting connection for those who share it.

We feel everything about wine creates this special bond. Sharing a bottle of wine opens channels to create conversation and lead to connections and memories that last a lifetime. In christening our wine brand ARGOT, we honor the beautiful symmetry and complementary nature wine and communication hold.