Association Cuvées

Chardonnay, Bennett Valley
Pinot Noir, Sonoma Mountain
Syrah, Sonoma Mountain
Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley

The quintessential Argot experience, at an undeniable value. All of our greatest terroirs compose these appellation-level cuvees.

Select Cuvées

Le Rayon-Vert, Chardonnay
Bastard Tongue, Pinot Noir
Indigo, Syrah
Starstruck, Cabernet Sauvignon

A selection of barrels that, when culled out, create a paramount representation of variety each vintage. Undeniably delicious.

Sonoma County Vineyard Designates

Simpatico Ranch, Chardonnay
Kanzler Vineyard, Pinot Noir
Steiner Vineyard, Syrah – Coming 2024

The trancendence of terroir. Where the expression of variety, when shone through the lens of an ideal site produces singular greatness.

Napa Valley Vineyard Designates

Bonny’s Vineyard, Oakville
Sage Ridge Vineyard, Napa Valley
Sugarloaf Vineyard, Napa Valley
Cuvee Leo, Rutherford

Hand-selected Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards which create wines of exquisite pedigree, indelible charm, and profound concentration and complexity.