Select Cuvées

Chardonnay, Le Rayon-Vert

Honoring the green glint emanating from within the golden robe of the world’s greatest of Chardonnays. ‘Le Rayon-Vert’ is that moment the sun lies just beneath the visible horizon, reflecting its brilliance as a fleeting ‘green flash’ in the sky above. In regards to Chardonnay, this color speaks to a wine’s freshness, pedigree and vitality.

Pinot Noir, Bastard Tongue

Argot’s popstar—famous, beautiful, magnetic, unforgettable. A full-throttle, rich, and hedonistic Pinot Noir, unbounded by rules, with enduring complexities, and a gravity always drawing back to the swirl. Since 2011, ‘BT’ has been haunting palates long after the last sip becomes a memory….

‘Argot is but a bastard tongue grafted on the mother stem…’ -Albert Barrère, 1889

Syrah, Indigo

The color of exaltation, opulence and elusiveness. The Indigo pigment has held sway over the heads and hearts of humans for centuries. Each vintage we honor this legacy by creating a Syrah which captures the might, richness and intrigue of the ‘Indigo’ legend. Profound, captivating and endlessly intriguing. Delicious.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Starstruck

Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa Valley lack no superlatives — dazzling, bewitching, exhilarating, undeniable, grand, etc. Starstruck is inspired by this descriptive cacophony to deliver on all of Napa Valley’s majesty. A wine that captivates the senses with a heady mix of luxurious fruit, intoxicating spice and warming earthen notes.